Sky Hemp will produce a variety of extracts and oils for the B2B market under its white label, and will develop finished products for end customers

Sky Hemp will export medicinal grade oil concentrates and custom formulations to meet the high volume demand of any pharmaceutical company manufacturing finished products worldwide.


On the other hand, we will also focus on the retail segment, a market in which we see a high potential for value creation and development towards the purest differentiation through patents and research.

International Market (B2B) White Label

  • Mixtures and custom refinements to meet the specific requirements of each client.
  • Premium resin of high quality.
  • Oriented at high concentration of THC, CBD and 1: 1 mixtures.
  • Wholesale distributors of international trade.
  • Bulk presentations and own brands.
  • Sky Hemp will send concentrates of medicinal grade oil extract in stainless steel transport drums with a volume of 15L to 200L.

Retail Market (B2C)

  • Multiple product lines THC / CBD / THC + CBD
  • Personalized master preparations for patients
  • Development of generic products: Oral administration, Topical applications, Vaporizers
  • Development of innovative products together with our current and future partners.